Online Form, Email or Post
Pensana is committed to the highest ethical standards. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that the business operates to the highest ethical standards and conduct. An important element of maintaining the highest ethical standards and conduct is ensuring that all Pensana stakeholders are able to raise concerns in a responsible and effective manner, without any risk of reprisal.

How to raise a concern/make a disclosure report


When making a whistleblowing report, it’s important that you get in contact with the right team, so they can review and act on the information you provide.


It is also important to read the Whistleblowing Policy here. This policy details the process and provides the necessary information for making a claim.


We understand that your circumstances could be complicated. We also understand that sometimes remaining anonymous is necessary. You can also contact the Whistleblowing Officers* about your concerns before making a report.

email: whistle.blower@pensana.co.uk


or denuncia@pensana.co.uk


* Group Company Secretary and the Legal Manager, all of whom are required to sign a specific code of conduct for this role and shall be known as the Whistleblowing Officers.

There are several ways to submit your concern


You can use our ONLINE FORM to make a report.


Concerns may also be raised by making a disclosure via sending a detailed email to:









Forms are available at operational sites and can be submitted in a sealed envelope, and deposited in the available secure box provided onsite.



Paper submissions may also be sent utilising a securely sealed envelope via post, recorded delivery or via courier to the Group Company Secretary at the Company’s registered office:


Pensana Plc
Suite 31, Second Floor
107 Cheapside
London EC2V 6DN
United Kingdom

All disclosures should include full details of the concern raised, including:

  1. Date incident witnessed (if applicable) or date or period of time of occurrence of the incident;
  2. Details of any Pensana personnel allegedly involved (if known); and
  3. Any other details to enable the concern to be investigated.


  • You can remain anonymous
  • It is important to provide as much detail and description as possible to assist in your claim
  • Individuals making disclosures or raising concerns are encouraged to include their name in order to assist the investigation process should further information be required
  • Pensana does however undertake to investigate any anonymous claim to the same extent as a named disclosure, provided sufficient information has been disclosed to enable a detailed investigation
  • If you report your concern to the media, in most cases, you’ll lose your whistleblowing law rights
  • Whistleblowing is not to be used for personal grievances