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Coola Team

Grant Hayward
Exploration Manager

Grant Hayward obtained his BSc Geology degree from the University of Cape Town in 1986 and has over thirty-five years of hands-on exploration experience in Africa, India and the Middle East. Grant is a registered Professional Natural Scientist and a Fellow of the GSSA.

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Grant spent the first 12 years predominantly working on the Bushveld Igneous Complex in South Africa evaluating PGE projects. He spent the next 10 years as a consultant working on exploration plays on a variety of commodities including gold, base metals, diamonds, graphite and industrial minerals (bentonite/kyanite/sillimanite) throughout Africa.

Since 2008 Grant has been involved in the hunt for economic REE, phosphate, niobium and fluorite bearing carbonatites in sub-saharan Africa having investigated and evaluated carbonatites in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Angola and Tanzania.


Herivelton is qualified Accountant, certified by the Order of Accountants and Expert Accountants of Angola (OCPCA) for 8 years.  He leverages 15 years of extensive experience in administrative and financial management in automotive, construction and condominium management industries. Herivelton is appointed as the accountant and financial officer for the Longonjo Rare Earth Refinery project in Angola.

Valdemiro Cagiza

Valdemiro Cagiza is a junior geologist at Coola Mining LDA, a subsidiary of Pensana Plc. Valdemiro is an accomplished exploration geologist with a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Bachelor of Arts in geography from West Virginia University. Valdemiro has contributed to the exciting geological discoveries at the Coola Exploration Project.